Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Boring Sunday

As I have no interest in watching The King of Kong with OT I'm in need of some way to stimulate myself on a very boring, not to mention very hot, very humid, monsoon-y Sunday.

The magical solution- a trip to the craft store of course!
I usually don't go to the craft store on the weekends because it's always crawling with sweet, slow old ladies that I'm sure come to the store in packs. This is very different than early weekday mornings, at that time I usually see sweet, slow old ladies and their husbands. It's more tolerable on these days, as I'm assuming the husbands hurry them out there and/or it's just a quick stop-in before an appointment or something.

So I have in my head a stellar idea to make a sling bag. I should be figuring out a template for my bag, however I'm blogging. I just needed to share with someone (and remember, OT is watching that stupid movie) that I cleaned my craft room. Yes, this is very first grade of me, but I feel like I am in need of a few golden stars.

Before (and this scene was not altered to appear messier):

And after:

It's still a bit messy, but much better in my opinion! I know there is still some crap on the floor but I have a hard time bending down these days (which is, by far, my most favorite excuse to use during pregnancy- and don't ask why, because I haven't the foggiest).

I also wanted to share, no golden stars necessary, this fantastic little basket I got at the craft store:

Clever! It's rolled newspaper that was weaved into a basket. Wemo seems to like it, and I like it even more because it was 60% off (okay, maybe just one golden star...if you's quite a challenge finding a good sale).

I really should get to work now. I'll be spending my afternoon (and no doubt early evening) eating fig newmans, drinking tea, listening to Couting Crows and sketching a template.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

I ALMOST bought something like this at JoAnn yesterday! Very cool. I need to look on the internet and see if there is a tutorial on how to make one.