Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Magnetic Snap Help

Can anyone tell me what exactly these are called? I need to google a how-to, but that's kind of hard without knowing what they are called.

Thank ya :o)


Lauri said...

Ha! I have bought several, but have never used them yet because I'm afraid I'm going to rip the material.

I *THINK* (don't hold me to this) is that you use a fusable piece of backing in the spot that you want to place the snap. Then make tiny holes where the prongs will be inserted, just to get them going through the fabric. I guess once you get it through, hammer or mash down the prongs so they are lying flat. Hmmm...I wonder if you should also put some interfacing over the snap prongs, just to keep them from catching a thread or poking through the other fabric-between the layers.

I do know that you are supposed to have these in place BEFORE you sew up everything, like a purse or whatever.

Hope this helps!