Monday, July 21, 2008

Purse Adventure: Mission Completed

Er, sort of completed...
The purse from the previous post completely frustrates me with every glance I take at it. Therefore, I've moved on (for now anyway, I'm sure one day I will go back to the purse of frustration).

Anyhoo, I am pretty amazed that I was able to construct and sew this purse on my own. I am even more amazed that it looks like a purse! The biggest obstacle I faced with this purse was the strap placement (should I have done two straps? Is just one okay? Should the placement have been different?) and the closure (I decided to go with brown ribbon). I didn't really want to use velcro as I think that would cheapen the bag, and those little sew on snaps frustrate the hell out of me (is anyone sensing that I have absolutely no patience?).

There you have it!


bunzi said...

very nice purse! love the colors.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Super cute, and good color combo. Me likey ;-) How in the world did you even know where to start with making up a template?!