Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three Weeks Later

Owen will officially be three weeks old in about half an hour.

What a crazy three weeks it has been! I've had so many emotions. I'm so in love with little Owen. My husband has been helpful, but at times I just want to throw things at him. It's also amazing how having a baby makes you take a step back and analyze your life.

My induction went well. I went in around 6AM, got an IV with some pitocin and within about 30 minutes I got an epidural. After the epidural I got very sleepy and took a four hour nap. I woke up and could feel the contractions on the right side of my body only. The anesthesiologist came and pulled the catheter back a bit an all was well. I was once again very sleepy and took another long nap. Around 5:30PM I woke up with crazy ass pain in my back- that's when I started pushing and about 45 minutes later Owen was out!

The first few days after his birth I was completely overwhelmed. OT and I were beyond tired and hysterical the first night. It's gotten better, but I still feel overwhelmed at times. I've been told by all other women with children that they felt the same way. I think that I'm starting to understand that women are much stronger creatures than men. I give birth to a child and assume responsibility of his complete care one hour after birth- and then I have OT moaning and complaining that his hospital bed is uncomfortable and that his hand hurts.
Yeah. Hm.
It is much better now though. After my endless "bitching and complaining" things have drastically improved.

Other than being a mommy these past few weeks, I've started making Owen a quilt:

This is my first attempt at quilting- so far, so good. I'm not following any kind of pattern, the idea is fairly simple. However, I do see why putting the quilt pieces in a pattern is important, so that's something to remember for next time.

Well, I'm off to watch the Red Sox game with OT and Owen!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

OMG, you little one is absolutely beautiful! He shares a birthday with my 4 year old daughter (and her birth-weight!). Congratulations! And I concur about the man-bitching thing... I am not sure how they have the nads to complain about the hospital accomodations. No wonder men weren't allowed in the delivery room prior to pain medications/epidurals! LOL

bunzi said...

aww he's soo cute! he's already a fan!