Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The First Post

It's amazing how ten minutes ago I had loads to say. I had the perfect idea for a first post on my crisp, fresh and lovely new blog.

I think perhaps I should thank those that have followed me here. This has got to be, literally, my 5th or 6th blog. The first blog, This Desert Life, was my bloggy home for nearly two years. In a brief moment of insanity I permanently deleted 24 months worth of memories. Since leaving my first blog and starting the others I never felt at "home". Maybe you don't understand, but I'm sure there are some crazy bloggers out there that understand my feelings.

To sum things up for those that have no damn clue about me, here goes:
The first part of my life was spent in Texas. My parents then moved our family to Missouri. In Missouri I went to grade school, and then I went to high school. And then I left with nothing more than a 1995 Dodge Neon and $300 provided to me by my parents....who are still married by the way, but very unhappily.

Moving on to the happier years....
In 2001 I met the person who I believe is probably my soul mate. Now, he does make me want to pull my hair out about 20% of the time, but he loves me for my crazy, neuoritc self. He's able to brush things off and move on, he's able to put up with all my emotional baggage that accumulated in the 16 years before we met. There is a connection there that is comfortably beyond amazing.
In 2003 I packed up my cozy little apartment in the SF Bay Area's East Bay and followed my little soul mate to Phoenix. We moved in together for the first time. We lived in a nice apartment complex in the middle of the ghetto (for real, the ghetto). We lived next to a super busy avenue, an Ihop, a 7-Eleven and a bus stop frequently inhabited by prostitutes.
In 2004 we bought a house. A nice little tract home in the suburbs of Phoenix. Big mistake.
I hate the desert.
Hate. Hate. Hate.
I try very hard not to hate people or things. I just can't help this one particular thing.
During these years I went to school (again...). I'm now a respiratory therapist. It's okay. I see some sad things and I see some miracles. In the beginning I didn't know how to deal with the emotions of seeing people die. I didn't understand it. I lost a lot of the spirituality I thought I had. I questioned things more than ever. I have learned many valuable lessons about myself and about how I see others.
I found out some where along the way that I have PCOS. I also have a very naughty little thyroid!
I freakishly got pregnant in April 2007, right after my graduation. I say freakishly because I had not had a period (TMI? Get over it, my dear...) for a long while. That baby died. How and why I do not know. I've had several different opinions on why. I think about that baby all the time and wonder....
It took a good long while, lots of fertility drugs, lots of blood work and an artificial insemination to get pregnant again.

And here we are...31 weeks down, just a few more to go.


Type (little) a said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This better be the last blog!!!!!


So you're set on Owen then? I was keeping my fingers crossed for "Oliver Twist, Jr." LOL

Hope2morrow said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, and congrats on your pregnancy (31 weeks late). lol

I hope you'll check out my blog if you get a chance. It's nice to know someone else has "been there and done that" and survived!

Carrie said...

Congrats on the pregnancy, and you'll have your baby here before you know it.

sara said...

Saw you on lost and found and wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck on the weeks ahead. Congrats on your pregnancy. I see that you're a respiratory therapist which is really cool. I'm a fellow airway girl myself - I'm a nurse anesthetist. Welcome and good luck in the weeks ahead, how exciting!

Me said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!