Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Am I being too sensitive?

...and am I supposed to capitalize every word in my title?

Anyhoo, here is Owen at nearly 34 weeks:
(and yeah, I love my pajamas- sock monkeys!)

At work I wear scrubs and scrubs can be very good at hiding fat, bloat and babies. It's no secret to most of my coworkers that I'm pregnant, and fairly far along at that. I started working at this rehab hospital right out of school, quit, and then decided to come back because it was a pretty sweet job to have during pregnancy. I often hear the following comments:

"Are you sure you're pregnant?!"
"Is there really a baby in there?!"

It also doesn't help that there are two other girls at the hospital that are pregnant- one two weeks behind me and the other two weeks ahead- both are HUGE. In the past I've even lifted up my scrubs (and I now cringe at the thought of actually doing that...)to reveal a little baby bump. Once a nurse I work with even asked to feel, and I said sure....and she says "Wow...it's really hard, I guess you really are pregnant!". Ugh! Two weeks ago, while passing in the hall, this same nurse also said to me "You're just pretending you're pregnant for the maternity leave..!". OK. That did it, that pissed me way off.

Those comments really hurt given the fact that I have lost a baby in the past and feel crazy lucky to be pregnant at all. I myself still find it hard to believe that I was lucky enough to get pregnant. The fact that I feel my pregnancy is being questioned, even if in a humorous way, really really bothers me. And to be quite honest, I'm glad I haven't used the pregnancy to binge on every little treat I see. I'm overweight to begin with and my weight gain has been moderate, any extreme weight gain would be just plain unhealthy. My OB assures me he is growing right on target, if the OB is happy, I'm happy.

UGH! So what should I do? Should I become a mega bitch the next time I hear such things?


sara said...

You look very nice, and people are really silly not to realize that everyone carries babies differently. I'm only 19 weeks and I've had numerous commnets like, is something wrong? - because you're not as big as some people. I'm sorry you have to hear those crazy comments - I wear scrubs myself at work and if I was actually still able to work, I'm sure I'd hear some comments too. Looking back at pictures of my mom - she carried me the same way I'm carrying our little girl - some things are just out of our control. Plus I think you have a very nice baby bump - screw those people. I don't think you're being too sensitive - and heck react anyway you want to. As long as your OB is happy, and the baby is growing - you have nothing to worry about! ((hugs))

Jaymee said...

That is a beautiful baby bump, of perfectly respectable size. People need to think before they open their mouths. I am so sorry that your feelings have been hurt. Dealing with infertility is difficult enough, and you should be able to enjoy your pregnancy without stupid comments. Hope things get better, and just enjoy these days, you worked hard to get here.

Scrumpkin said...

Thanks for the words :o)

Piccinigirl said...

I found your through Stirrup Queens, I like your blog.

anyway, I didn't gain a lot of weight with my TWIN pregnancy and people always gave me the stink eye, until I went on bedrest at 23 wks for preterm labor. I am just glad you are at 34 weeks and looking so good and so is Owen. I know it hurts to hear people say the insesitive things they do and so I hope that stops soon.

personally you look great (from your last post) I like the glasses and I think you just need to either ignore people(ha) or just let them know that it's not nice to make LESS of your pregnancy.


Scrumpkin said...

@ Piccingirl- You read my mind...they are definately making less of my pregnancy! It really upsets me and I've decided to make that clear next time I hear something negative.

And I'm glad you like my blog, that means a lot to me!