Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deodorant: Update #2

So...I hate to this, but my deodorant burned the living hell out of my arm pits.
I also hate to say that it worked for OT but was "too lemony, too smelly". Apparently, when you work in an office people are fussy about smells. That of course irks me and sends me into a defensive rage that these pampered little stock brokers have NO IDEA what smelly is, and the next time I'm around a GI bleed I pray that I can bottle it.
Tonight I had to make a new batch of deodorant to dilute the "too lemony/too smelly" version of OT's. I made a new unscented batch for me so I can determine why I had this little reaction of mine. I'm almost certain it was the combined 35 drops of essential oils I put into it- looking back I'm sure it was a bit excessive, and as I have terribly sensitive skin, not very smart.

I'm sure everyone is beyond interested in this deodorant journey.
And for those few weirdos that aren't (and I'm really hoping you sense my enormous amount of sarcasm) here are pictures of my dear husband trying to figure out how on earth to use this Baby Bjorn:

Emma was actually very content in the sling. She really does think she's a princess, this only reinforced that fact.


Type (little) a said...

HAHAHA at the dog in the bjorn.

We used to let our cat ride in the stroller when I was pregnant with Sabrina.

sara said...

Oh my goodness - there are so many great things to comment on in your post! First of all, the cute dog in the baby Bjorn - what a cutie! We registered for the same one and our dog is very similar in size to your cutie. You know I'll have to try that with mine. I loved the picture! And then trying to bottle a GI bleed - I had to crack up at that too! When I used to work in the ICU we used to dread getting a GI bleed, there's nothing worse. You're so right. And lastly, it's awesome that you're making the deodorant. I love hearing about it..and I'm sorry for the super long comment. But I loved that post!

Scrumpkin said...

@ Sara -Just thinking about a GI bleed makes me want to gag. Nothing compares to that smell. Emma (the dog) is beyond spoiled by my husband. I'm wondering how jealous she will be of the baby?

@ Michelle- I'm sure OT would let Emma ride *in* the stroller with Owen. And you totally just said her real name!

That dog is so spoiled, I just have to shake my head...