Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deodorant: Update #3

The good news is that the unscented deodorant does not burn (yay!), the bad news is that I hate the way it feels. I'm guessing my body heat warms up the shea butter and it gets kind of oily and then that oil ends up all over my shirt. For some reason this doesn't happen to OT and he likes the way the deodorant feels/smells. Maybe it has something to do with hairy vs. hairless pits? I'm not exactly sure.

Today while I was making my lunch I decided that I needed to have some kind of deodorant, so I concocted a spray. And you know what....? I really love it! It's basically water, baking soda and organic clary sage oil. It's light and fresh smelling. It's unfortunate I didn't measure what I put though, that will just cause a headache next time. Fantastic.

The spray:

(and I would just like to point out that what appears to be dust in this picture is, in fact, powder. A small player in our infertility journey was due to crazy morphology of OT's sperm. Why, one may wonder? Because he was drying his nuts (I suppose 'testicles' would be the proper term) with the hair dryer every morning- according to our RE that was a big no-no, causes coiled tails and they don't swim, powder....which I of course make out of corn starch, for real...)

I also got new eyeglasses today. I'm undecided at the moment whether I look smart, nerdy, cute or a combination of all three:

I hardly ever wear glasses, but they do come in handy at work and while driving...and I hear the ability to see while driving can be important.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Saw your blog on Black Apple, so I decided to check it out. It is almost weird how much alike you and I are! We even have the same pajamas ;-) And you picked my boy-name! Are you a nurse? I am (but on hiatus while home with kids) and my first job was on a Rehab floor! I will have to catch up with your past posts when I have some time :-)

Scrumpkin said...

I'm a respiratory therapist. I don't know if I could ever be a nurse, I'd much rather be involved with sputum than with poo.

The boy name, same pajamas and healthcare...neat :o) We are just too cool.