Monday, July 14, 2008

Deodorant Journey

I've been waiting all day for the UPS truck to come and deliver my package. While on my way home this morning from the bank I saw that sweet little brown truck pull out of our neighborhood and I was giddy with excitement...and then I was totally let down when I didn't have a package waiting. I've spent all day listening for that truck. Finally around 6:30 (yeah....6:30, and we're talking PM, 1830!!!) the truck pulls up in front of my house while I'm catching a new episode of Intervention (and damn, that is one depressing show, but I'm addicted).

It was like Christmas morning!

I immediately got to work.

Old deodorant container:

Melting the beeswax:

I wish I could remember the recipe I used. This first run I consider trial and error. I used unknown amounts of baking soda, shea butter, cocoa butter, rice flour, beeswax and lots of clary sage and lemongrass essential oil.

In the containers (one for me and one for him):

No verdict yet as to how well they work. I'm sure I'll get all the feedback I need tomorrow.
Until then...


astral said...

I used to use s.ecret soft solid. For whatever reason it made me smell. I was dry but I smelled like b.o. I am now using mens adidas and it is working just fine. The smell is good too but I would rather smell like baby powder. My Mom says that happened to her when she was in her thirties. Hormones or something. I'm very interested to hear how your homemade deodorant turns out.
Susan aka Astral