Monday, July 14, 2008


When the whole organic/eco/green issues went mainstream I was delighted. Due to health issues and concerns, I made such things apart of our family life long ago. A hippie at heart I was just bursting with excitement when "green" and "eco-friendly" became part of most American's every day vocabulary. I was super excited because I figured since this is going mainstream think of all the choices and variety that will be added to local stores and restaurants! Woohoo! I was also excited that a cause so dear to my heart was being noticed and taken seriously.

But hey now...why have all the prices of my favorite things sky rocketed? I suppose you can contribute some of it to the current state of the economy, but really...$30 for ONE yard of hemp fabric, are you kidding me?! A prime example- OT and I absolutely love Burt's herbal deodorant. The market closest to us, Sprouts (which I've never been crazy about), was out for the longest time. When they finally got it back in stock the price was the same but the amount was nearly cut in half! $9.00 for four ounces when we used to get six ounces for the same price? Whole Foods pulled the same little diddy. On the Burt's website you can still get the old price and amount but it's not exactly convenient unless you order in bulk. I feel like retailers are trying to take advantage of this situation. Remember a couple of years ago the whole low carb/no carb thing? I can see some similarities.

With all of that being said, I'm going to start my own little personal campaign of 'fuck you' to The Man and make/grow/produce all that I can on my own.

And as my friend Lucas would say, Damn the Man....


sara said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :-) I loved your post from yesterday - wow it sure makes me stop and think about things a little differently and I LOVE that in a post! Sometimes I just sit and wonder why certain things happen to people at various times. Also I wonder sometimes like why did our IVF work for us when everything said it shouldn't - and then some people it doesn't work for that have beautiful perfect cycles. Pregnancy is kind of similar too - like why do things work for some people and not others. I loved the points you brought up - I think I read it like 5 times already :-) Thanks for sharing!

Scrumpkin said...

Thanks for reading! The support I've received from the IF community is so amazing.
It will always be hard for me to understand why things happen. I feel beyond lucky.