Friday, August 8, 2008

Essential Oil Combinations

Last week I placed yet another order with Mountain Rose Herbs, which is probably my favorite shop to ever exist. I actually have a shopping cart saved to my account full of new goodies which I plan to order tomorrow.

Before I left for work today I had a delivery from UPS. I had 20 minutes to smell about 15 oils. The oils were hot from being in the back of that truck, which I think made them smellier, and after smelling about three oils they all started to jumble up and smell the same. When I got home I went right to work melting soap and whatnot.

Here are some combinations I've come up with:

1)Lime peel and cilantro- really makes me want a margarita
2)Grapefruit and lemongrass- not bad
3)Lavender, mandarin and palmarosa- er, not so sure, gave this one to OT
4) Lavender and mandarin- just smells like lavender

The true test will be in the morning when the soaps are tested.
I'm off to be lazy and enjoy this wonderful and rare thunderstorm in the desert...