Monday, August 11, 2008


I always thought nesting was a load of BS, but having now experienced it myself I am amazed to find that I'm actually a mammal. Does that make sense?...probably not, but we'll just go with it. For the most part I am completely exhausted. Moments arise where I am determined and full of energy to make something very trivial into "perfect".

On Friday OT made the mistake of giving me the new Ikea 2009 catalog that came in the mail. That of course led to a trip to Ikea on Saturday morning. It was crowded, we parked far away (which I normally wouldn't mind, but given the fact that it is Arizona and summer, I start to mind). We ended up getting curtains and finger puppets. Very necessary, yes.

I can't help but think that my house resembles a hodgepodge of crap. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way, however.

Our first floor has a very strange floor plan consisting of about 500 square feet.
(Note the baby swing in this photo, which makes things much more crowded on our tiny first floor):

Taking these pictures and writing this post have done me in. Exhaustion is at a ten. Where is this baby?! I think my OB got my hopes up by predicting and early labor. Now we're just waiting....and waiting....

This baby is going to be late. A trait of his daddy's...


sara said...

I love the photos and your house doesn't look all hodgepodeged - I really think it looks nice :-) I'm glad you got to go to Ikea, they opened one near us last year. The first time in there was like sensory overload because they are so big. But it is always a fun trip to go. By saying that the baby is like his dad's and late made me giggle! Hope you're hanging in there and having a start to a good week ahead :-)

bunzi said...

the house looks cute! :) i like the bit about the babe being late like his father. :D

Scrumpkin said...

The being late trait, so true.

Thanks for the house love :o)