Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...and I'm back!

(Note: Typepad didn't exactly work out. My heart belongs to Blogger.)
Owen is a fabulous little boy. He is so sweet and I'm almost sure that he will continue to be perfect throughout his life. Short of murder or becoming a junkie, I have a hard time thinking of something he could do to upset me. At the moment he is in his little baby swing babbling away and chewing on his stuffed frog. Tomorrow he will be three months old.

It's amazing how a new life changes the one you have been living for years. Before I had Owen it was strange for me to imagine living or giving my life for another person. I now understand that. I cannot fathom my existence without my little boy.

These past three months have been difficult. The first month I think I cried every day. I was pretty hysterical and not very rational. My marriage has had some adjusting as well. After it being the two of us for almost eight years (eight years!), it is strange to have a third being around- a being that is demanding and completely controls your time. I have also learned the difference between men and women. Women are by far much, much stronger (this is, of course, a very personalized opinion).

It was nearly 90 degrees here yesterday (!) and I am preparing for Thanksgiving. Depressing. There are no fall leaves, no nip in the air...nada. That's Arizona for you (Northern AZ being the exception). Our Thanksgiving is just going to be the three of us. My mother in law had some other plans that we've decided to opt out of (that is a long and dramatic story).

I'm going to grab lunch while I can. It's great to be back blogging. I've missed this little blog world....


bunzi said...

yay! :D welcome back.