Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking for Time....

Where has it gone?! I can hardly believe that Owen will be six months old next month.

We are doing fabulous. The beginning was rocky- what a change! As I've been told before, but have never really acknowledged...I have a terrible time with change, and I am a control freak. The first month with Owen was hard for me- there was a total shift of what I thought was important in my life. I had a hard time with the overwhelming feelings I had. I also struggled with the fact that I had ultimate responsibility over a small, living being. I had a hard time with the shift in my marriage. I think when people go through major changes, such as becoming a parent, the emotions that one experiences are totally unexpected.

Owen is a fantastic, happy, and loving little man. He melts my heart every time I look at him. We have finally settled into a routine. I feel so lucky to have such a content son, he doesn't mind driving all over town with me, he hardly gets fussy, he is always full of smiles.

Currently, we are preparing for a trip to Boston, ohhh the anxiety! For starters, flying with Owen really freaks me out. The fact that there have been a few well-publicized airline accidents lately certainly do not calm my nerves. I can't tell you how many time a week I visit in the hopes I read something that completely calms my nerves.

Now that my time is much more well organized I really hope to start blogging on a regular basis again. I hope you've all checked out my Flickr....and just in case you haven't here is a peek at my little man:


bunzi said...

he's ultra cute! ;) I think he looks like you! :D