Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last week I came up with a grand plan to make chocolate cupcakes with french buttercream. Today I made some cupcakes, but they aren't so grand and there's no french buttercream. Tragic! Anyway, I ended up making low fat chocolate cupcakes with fat free vanilla cream cheese frosting. I think I tried making these low fat cupcakes because of the clomid bloat (and we're talking some serious bloat! I weighed myself this morning and it was nearly NINE POUNDS MORE! Is that normal or am I just getting fatter? I'm curious...).

I used this recipe for the cupcakes. For the frosting I used a box of fat free cream cheese, superfine sugar and two teaspoons of vanilla, then I whipped it up with an electric mixer. OK- so I was out of the yogurt for the cupcakes so I used a bit of applesauce....and er, they're a bit dry, but they are EDIBLE! Edible = Success They really aren't that bad.

I also cut off the tops of the cupcakes to make the frosting application a bit easier. Then I made a cupcake sandwich! Clever.

God, it's hard to fit this much awesome into one person.


bunzi said...

clever indeed!