Thursday, March 12, 2009


It is fan-fucking-tastic being home (excuse the strong language for the "ladies"). Seriously though, it's pretty amazing. We got home around midnight and were cleaning and unpacking until about three in the morning.

I went to the market today and got tons of fresh food. I am so sick of "road food", microwave food, fast food and cold food (cold food in freezing cold weather doesn't seem to make much sense to me, but yeah...I ate it). the moment I am brining a whole chicken. The little chicken carcass kind of make me a bit teary but the carnivore in me is winning and I'm ready to roast and devour that dead little bird. But for real, when that little chicken heart plopped out of the carcass I was kinda sad....then I chopped it up in the garbage disposal and thought how much it sucks to live your life to be eaten and then have your heart chopped up by some machine. Good thing I'm not a chicken....I think.

Off to cook REAL food!