Monday, March 9, 2009

One Day Left....

Only one day left. I want to go home!

I grew up in the snow and miss it dearly.
There is something so magical about a snow storm. Today was beautiful. We spent the day in Massachusetts, about 50 miles west of Boston. Yesterday was about 55 degrees but today was a completely different story. We woke up to a quiet and peaceful world covered in white, fluffy snow....and then I walked out of our temporary bedroom and things were no longer quite so peaceful. My husband has a wonderful family, but is grandma is a serious chatterbox that never stops talking, and for real, I mean never. The first time I met her was a few years before we were married. We had a long overnight flight. By the time we got to her house we were exhausted a decided to take a nap. We slept for maybe three hours, sitting up, on a really uncomfortable loveseat on her back porch. The second I opened my eyes I saw her sitting there and she was staring at us and said "I was wondering when you'd be waking up!". Before I knew much about her I figured she might be lonely, but that's not the case. She's a handful.

Here are some snow photos from our time up in Maine with my husband's other grandmother. It is by far one of the coziest places I have ever been.

I've been spending most of my nights watching Owen sleep and browsing on Tastespotting. This time change has me all thrown off and it's gotten even worse because we've also had to adjust for daylight savings time, which we don't do in Arizona.