Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little Bunny Foo Foo

We were at Costco over the weekend and picked up a few books for Owen (assuming of course he will be reading directly out of the womb). The books are huge! About 24x24. I picked out SkippyJon Jones, an adorable book about a Siamese cat. Of course I immediately thought of our own little Wemo and totally had to have the book. My mother in law picked out Down By the Station, apparently it's a popular nursery rhyme but I've never heard of goes to the exact tune of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

(ignore the fact that the photos are sideways- I'm really lazy tonight)

I'm thinking SkippyJon Jones looks like a Siamese-Chihuahua hybrid, no?
OT had never heard of Little Bunny Foo Foo, which I find beyond shocking. Little Bunny Foo Foo was a nursery rhyme badass! I found this Bunny Foo Foo plushie on Etsy which I'm in love with, too bad was sold like a super long time ago. But yes, that is my almost exact mental picture of Foo Foo.

I think I am officially "nesting". Today I made pizza dough, pumpkin bread, a purse and now I want to make a plushie. All of those things start with "P" which kind of really could freak a superstitious girl out....


bunzi said...

i heart little bunny foo foo and costco too.

mushroommeadows said...

I like that cat's eyes. It's so cute! tee hee!

Have fun nesting!